Online Social Media for Organizations

Harness the power of social networks to attract volunteers, program participants, investors and more to your organization.

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Online Social Media for Organizations (PDF) - Presentation by Michelle (Striney) Podolec at the Oct. 2010 BF Learning Network meeting.

Discover Your Social Web (v 2.0) - An Ohio Farm Bureau Guide to Social Media - This is the very excellent resource guide that Michelle handed out during her presentation.

One thought on “Online Social Media for Organizations

  1. Would love to be added as a resource for farmers - (Real Time Farms) is a crowd-sourced online local food guide. We provide users one location where they can learn about where their food comes, whether eating in or eating out, so they can feel confident in their food purchasing decisions. As they learn more, they can grow the site by sharing what they know to improve their communities' health and environment.

    Farms can create a profile on Real Time Farms, and show consumers, in real-time what they have available - and where people can find their goods.

    Love what you're doing, especially helping young farmers get access to land - very important!

    Any questions, call me 650.814.7796


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