Young Farmer Inspiration

Videos by Students

Showing FFA Pigs at Auction – SAE 

SAE Project by Carrie

4H Teen Career Exploration: Small Farm Dream by Cornell Small Farms Program


Videos for Beginning Farmers

Young Farmer’s Conference at Stone Barns Center, NY 2008 

Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture ‘You want to do WHAT? Farming!’

Why should you join WV Young Farmers and Ranchers

Spotlight on Young Farmers: Zoe Bradbury

2007 Michigan Young Farmer Music Video 

Beginning Farmer Workshops by University of Missouri

Beginning Farmer Center at Iowa State

SAE – Supervised Agricultural Experience from Wisconsin FFA

Practical Farmers of Iowa – Next Generation


The Greenhorns Movie:  “Can you smell the wild thyme? We have a wild time here.”               

Three years ago, Greenhorns began to film a project by and about young farmers. The idea was to show young farmers succeeding despite challenges – not to mention a thorny social stigma attached to the job. But cultural attitudes are improving. The time is right for a recruitment film like “The Greenhorns” to show bright and bold young farmers as role-models for tomorrow’s farm economy.  A tiny taste of their upcoming feature film, The Greenhorns trailer features a sampling of young farmers from California to Maine.  This footage was shot by Taylor Gentry & Ian Cheney (King Corn) of Wicked Delicate Films and Basia Winograd, and directed by Severine Von Tscharner Fleming. Force Theory scored the music and editor Laura Hanna of Hidden Driver produced this version. Running time is 21:10 min.

Who are the Greenhorns?  The Greenhorns are a grassroots non-profit organization made up of young farmers and many collaborators. Their mission is to recruit, promote and support the new generation of young farmers in this ample and able 21st century America.  The news is in from urban, suburban and rural districts alike: America wants more young farmers and more young farmers want a piece of America. It will take millions of new young farmers to care for our ecosystems and serve our country healthy food in the years to come. The Greenhorns enable this critical meeting between minds, bodies, and land by helping young and aspiring farmers to navigate career paths, build skills, and connect with each other. Their multifaceted approach includes on-the-ground organizing of events and workshops, media production, and online coalition building.

Online Media

Free, accessible media is great for inspiring young minds and developing our food future!  Links below cover a variety of topics and areas – please note that while we have watched and enjoyed the media featured, we have not screened these for content.  Parents  and teachers, please use your discresion to determine what is most appropriate for your child or classroom.

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Georgia Organics: Fundamentals of organic Farming 

Timber Press: How to Grow a School Garden: A Complete Guide for Parents and Teachers:  

“Introducing Farm Club, Because Farming is Cool” by Orren Fox

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