Farming as a Career

I’m still a high school student, how can I find a farm job/internship/apprenticeship?

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in farming should  consider internships, apprenticeships, and on-farm jobs as a great addition to their career exploration.  States vary in their labor requirements for young employees, to check your state regulations please visit Not every farm job is created equal!  Your job tasks will depend on the [...]

Career Outlook for Farmers

Is your child dreaming of a career in farming?  The average age of farmers in the United States is 55.  As many of these farmers move towards retirement, there will be growing opportunities for youth to start their own careers as successful farmers.  Opportunities for farm careers are especially strong in the areas of small scale and local farming.  The [...]

What is job shadowing, and how can I shadow a farmer?

Job shadowing is spending time with an experienced person in a career field you are interested in learning more about.  A job shadow is generally unpaid and takes place for less than 3 days.  The goal is to learn more about a person’s job by observing their daily activities and job skills.  Job shadowing can take [...]

My child wants to be a farmer, how can I help her learn more about this career?

Farming can be a wonderful career!  Help your student learn more by encouraging them to take agriculture classes if offered by their school,  join their school FFA, talk to farmers, do an afternoon of job shadowing, or exploring farmer videos online.  Many communities have 4H , a national youth development program run by your local [...]

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