Lesson Plans & Activities

Are you a teacher or parent interested in encouraging your students' interest in farming as a career? Below are lesson plans and activities designed to assist students as they explore farming careers, meet young farmers, and design their agricultural projects.

Lesson Plans

Teacher's Filing Cabinet at SAE Central.  A collection of PowerPoint presentations including Introduction to SAE, Jingle Jangle: SAE Awards and Degrees, Checking Out The Scene: Exploratory and Minor SAE Components, Being the Boss: Entrepreneurship, Working for the Man: Internships, Does the Lab Coat Fit? Research  http://www.cals.ncsu.edu/agexed/sae/toolbox/lessons.html\

The Farming Game Record Sheet by Wes Crawford. Teaches profit/loss, inventory, other basic recordkeeping skills. http://www.ovata.org/share.html?catid=55


Animal Welfare vs. Large Scale Production Practices by Jessica Kellyof Rockbridge County High School, Instructor, Agriculture and Horticulture. http://questgarden.com/122/37/5/110324081129/index.htm


Easy Empire Degree Sheet for NYS Empire Degree Applicants

SAE Recordkeeping Sheet

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