Awards and Honors for Agricultural Projects

There is nothing like recieving recognition when you’ve done a great project!  Students who are challenged to enter their agricultural projects into competition recieve feedback, recognition, honors, awards - even cash!  Awards look great on a resume and job applications. and can turn your college application from standard to extra-ordinary.

You would be suprised at who wins awards – students who are passionate about their project, are articulate when they talk about what they’ve learned, what they like and don’t like, who can think ‘outside the box’  – these students stand out in their applications.  Don’t worry about whether your project is innovative (unless you’re applying for an innovation award).  Just do the best you can, and share your experience in the way you communicate best – whether this is through writing, blogging, video, art… share your excitement, your frustrations, your challenges and your triumphs!  And you never know – maybe you will be the next one bringing home the honors!  Good luck!

4 H Awards and Honors

4 H Record Books Project Awards – state level award, check with your local 4 H.

4 H Project Medals - Achievement, Animal Sciences, Community Involvement & Global Awareness, Dairy (Special award on state level only), Engineering & Technology, Environment & Natural Resources, Home & Family, Personal Development, Plants & Soils, and many more!  State level awards, check with your local 4 H.

FFA Awards and Honors

Greenhand FFA Degree – ask your local FFA chapter for details

Chapter FFA Degree- ask your local FFA chapter for details

State FFA Degree – ask your local FFA chapter for details, or check your state FFA site

FFA Agri-Entrepreneurship Award

FFA Agricultural Proficiency Awards

FFA American Degree

FFA American Star Award 

National FFA Agriscience Fair

New York State Empire Degree

New York State Honorary Empire Degree – for parents, grandparents, and community members

Science Fair

Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Siemens Competition

Intel Science Talent Search

Junior Science and Humanities Program

International BioGENEius Challenge

It’s easy! Empire Degree Worksheet

Empire Degree Check List: Placement: Basic requirements- 2 full years of FFA membership (applying at least as a junior in high school) Must have worked at least 300 hours in an SAE- hours can be non-paid Must have earned the greenhand and chapter degrees What is your SAE area? ______________________________ 1. Hours worked (pages 2, [...]

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