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Small Farms Quarterly

A new Northeast regional magazine for farmers and farm families — including spouses and children — who are farming “on a family-scale” and who value the quality of life that smaller farms provide. Small Farm Quarterly is a project of Cornell’s Small Farms Task Group; the Pro-Dairy Program; Cornell Cooperative Extension; CCE NWNY Dairy, Livestock, and Field Crops Program; the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; and Country Folks magazine. Our goals are to celebrate smaller-scale, family-oriented farming in the Northeast; inspire and inform farm families and their supporters; help farmers share expertise and opinions with each other; and increase awareness of the benefits that small farms contribute to society and the environment.

Current subscribers to Country Folks magazine will receive Small Farm Quarterly 4 times a year at no extra charge. Or, for $5, you can sign up to receive just the 4 Country Folks issues containing the Small Farm Quarterly special insert.

To subscribe, call the Country Folks subscription office at 1-888-596-5329 or e-mail

Small Farm Digest

Small Farm Program, Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture

Small Farm Digest is published twice a year by the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service of the USDA. Issues of the publication are available in PDF format at their web site.

To subscribe, call 1-800-583-3071 or write to:
Small Farm Digest
Stop 2215
Waterfront Centre
800 9th St. SW
Washington, D.C. 20024
Fax: (202) 690-3162


Growing focuses specifically on the challenges and opportunities encountered by more than 40,000 agriculture entrepreneurs from Florida to Michigan, east to the state of Maine.

Subscriptions are free. Click here to subscribe, or print the form and send it to:

Moose River Publishing Company
P.O. Box 449
374 Emerson Falls Rd.
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Phone: (802) 748-8908 or 1-800-422-7147 (toll-free)
Fax: (802) 748-1866

Small Farm Today

Small Farm Today was founded by a small farmer in central Missouri in 1984, and is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of small farming, rural living, community, sustainability, and agripreneurship. It is published on a farm, by a farmer, for farmers. Most of its readers are full- or part-time small family farmers, and many are using alternatives, such as growing high-value crops, raising unusual livestock, and direct marketing their products to bring in more income.

Small Farm Today
3903 W. Ridge Trail Rd.
Clark, MO 65243-9525
Phone: (573) 687-3525 or 1-800-633-2535
Fax: (573) 687-3148

Small Farmer’s Journal

Conceived in 1976, Small Farmer’s Journal is a large (11″—14″), handsome, 132-page, black and white quarterly which is more community odyssey than magazine. It is packed to over-full with more information than you might find in 3 or 4 conventional magazines. Supported 100% by its readership, this folksy and feisty publication, a true clarion of free speech in the best old sense of the phrase, has been a vibrant and exciting platform for engaging far-flung ideas about anything pertinent to the small family farm experience.

Small Farmer’s Journal, Inc.
P.O. Box 1627
Sisters, OR 97759-1627
Phone: (541) 549-2064 or 1-800-876-2893
Fax: (541) 549-4403

Farming Magazine

Farming Magazine, published seasonally, celebrates the joys of farming well and living well on a small, ecologically-conscious scale. It explores the intricate bonds connecting people, land, and community and it offers a hopeful vision of the future of farming in America. The magazine is created in the spirit of stewardship for the earth and regard for its inhabitants. Emphasized are practical articles that strive to educate farmers about ways to increase profitability, about how a farmer uses ecologically sound farming practices and how farmers think creatively about farming in the 21st century. Farming Magazine aims to offer attractive alternatives to low-profit, high-tech farming. Friends of the Agrarians are interested in publishing a wide range of useful and practical information.

Subscription cost is $18 for 1 year (4 issues) or $32 for 2 years (8 issues).
Click here to order
or contact:

Friends of the Agrarians
P.O. Box 85
Mt. Hope, OH 44660

Cultivating Connections

Center for Sustainable Agriculture, University of Vermont

Cultivating Connections , the Center’s quarterly newsletter, informs readers of current projects, provides a sustainable agriculture calendar of events, and helps raise awareness of the benefits of sustainable agriculture. Each issue highlights Center projects, innovative research and extension projects at the University, a farm that uses sustainable agricultural practices, and local agriculturaleducation and advocacy organizations. The newsletter has a readership of more than 950, including educators, farmers, extension and agency personnel, researchers, students, consumers, and other agriculture enthusiasts. The newsletter is free
of charge.

Small Farms & Acreage Newsletter

This newsletter is for Oregon and Washington state small farmers.

To subscribe, contact Kim McCullough of the Wasco County Extension Service at (541) 296-5494.

The Part-Time Farmer

Cornell Cooperative Extension Capitol District

Quarterly newsletter.

To subscribe, contact CCE Albany County at (518) 765-3500.

Missouri Alternatives Center Newsletter

Missouri Alternatives Center, University of Missouri Outreach & Extension

This newsletter addresses issues related to small farms, new family farms, and agricultural alternatives. Subscriptions are $10 per year (free for Missouri residents). Current and back issues are accessible via the Internet.

Debi Kelly
Ag Opportunities, Missouri Alternatives Center
628 Clark Hall
Colombia, MO 65211

Phone: (573) 882-1905

The Practical Farmers of Iowa Newsletter

The archives of the Practical Farmers of Iowa’s quarterly newsletter.


Farmer-to-farmer know-how from The Rodale Institute. Features an organic price index, e-letters to the e-editors, news and research, columnists, gleanings, 1000 stories of regenerative agriculture, talking shop, stories about farm life, certification archives, a pig page, and more.

Farming: The Journal of Northeast Agriculture

Each issue of Farming magazine contains a wealth of information especially for agriculturalists in the Northeast.

Subscriptions are free. Visit the website to subscribe.


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