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Consumer Preferences and Marketing Opportunities for Premium “Tree-Ripened Peaches” in New York State

W. Uva, S. Cuellar, M. Cheng, Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, September 2004

Fruit growers in New York State are adding alternative fruit crops to their production acreage in an effort to diversify their apple orchards. Peach (Prunus persica L.) is a major crop used for that purpose because of the collaboration between growers and the Cornell Agricultural Experiment Station to develop new varieties that possess higher eating quality and more eye-appealing characteristics for the consumer market and because they are suitable for the growing environment in New York State. The goal of this study is to explore consumer interests in New York-grown premium tree-ripened peaches and develop strategic marketing recommendations on how the New York stone fruit industry can expand markets for these peaches. Publication is in PDF format.

Harvesting Change: New York Apple Growers Share Their Decision-Making Strategies

NY FarmNet

These are actual stories of apple growers in New York State who have made changes to their businesses in order to address the financial viability of their farm business. Whether or not the decisions these growers made are similar to the decisions you and your family face, you should be able to glean some important life lessons from their situations. Copies of this publication are available by calling NY FarmNet at 1-800-547-3276. The booklet is free to New York State growers and $15 to out-of-state growers.

Organic Apple Production and Marketing Webinar – Now Available Online

This organic apple webinar was produced by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), with funding provided by USDA through the ATTRA program  (National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service).  The hour-long webinar was recorded, and has now been posted online.  You can watch it for free on your computer screen whenever you have the time. Here’s the web link where you can watch the free webinar:

Processed Apple Product Marketing Analysis: Apple Juice and Cider

Kristin Rowles, Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University Explores the potential markets for hard cider and apple wine for New York State apple growers. Article is in PDF format

Thinking Afresh About Processing: An Exploration of New Market Opportunities for Apple Products

Kristin Rowles, Brian Henehan, Gerald White, Cornell University A compilation of the results of several studies on market opportunities for processed apple products. Contact Kristin Rowles at  to obtain a copy.

Core Values Northeast

Mothers and Others

This model eco-labeling program brings together Northeast farmers and consumers as partners in defining ecologically responsible agriculture — through the accreditation of regional farmers utilizing bio-intensive integrated pest management (IPM) production methods. Their primary goal is to build public awareness of and demand for local, ecologically-grown apples through consumer-centered media and market-based education strategies.

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