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Franklin County Cooperative Extension Livestock Marketing Toolkit

This livestock marketing toolkit, compiled by Bernadette Logozar and released in fall 2006, includes best management practice profiles, promotion materials, and a 17-page checklist that covers production costs, processing, pricing, food safety, advertising, PR, industry associations and where to find resources. Logozar, a native of Alberta, Canada, has adapted materials from the Alberta livestock producers for use in New York.

Logozar says producers often begin by selling to neighbors and friends. Among the tools she has gathered to help the farmers communicate with consumers are quick and easy recipes; nutrition facts; tips for how to cook grass-fed meats for best quality and flavor; Mediterranean and other regional-style recipes; and recommendations for pairing meats with wine, cheeses, and desserts. For customers who want to deal directly with the meat processors, the farmers can provide charts that illustrate and estimate the types and quantity of roasts, rounds and rib eyes one can expect from, for example, a 1,500-lb steer.

Although the current focus is on beef, pork, and lamb production, Logozar allows that interest may drive the project to include goats, poultry and other livestock; value-added on-farm processing; and fiber and hide processing.

The toolkit comes in a binder and costs $15 + $5 s/h. Call 518-483-7403 to order, or contact Bernadette at .

Humane (Halal) On-Farm Slaughter of Sheep and Goats Poster

The Northeast Sheep and Goat Marketing Program now has available a poster outlining the techniques for humane (Halal) on-farm slaughter. Un-laminated posters are available for $10, while laminated versions are $20 (they are difficult to ship). To order the poster, contact tatiana Stanton at  (in the North) or Susan Schoenian at  (in the mid-Atlantic). Currently, the poster is only available in English.

Whole Animal Buying Guide

Funded in part by a SARE grant, “Beef and Pork Whole Animal Buying Guide” explains buying pork and beef as whole animals (or portions thereof) from local producers. Producers may consider using the publication to help clients make smart decisions and keep coming back. It explains marketing terms, information on storage and handling, meat inspection, meat cut out weight, and includes color photos of common retail beef and pork cuts by primal. This guide brings all the necessary pieces together in one easy-to-use resource.  Free PDF available online. Hard copies available in color ($6.50) and B&W ($1).

To download a free PDF or order a print copy, visit the above website.

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