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The Square AppNew technology for direct market farmers

Accessing every possible sale is a common goal for direct market farmers.  How many times have you watched potential customers slip away when they find out you only accept cash? Do you want to capture more sales at market or your roadside stand?  Do you want a portable credit card machine that is free, easy to use, and gets you paid faster?

The Square is a free device and application for iOS and Android devices.  The tiny white, plastic square plugs into the audio jack of your device and allows you to quickly and easily slide Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American express credit or credit/debit cards.  The free application turns your device into a mobile cash register, receipts are sent immediately to the customer via email, transactions deposited into your bank account in 1 day.  You pay a flat fee of 2.75% per swipe.  Easy to learn, and very secure (no personal customer information is stored on your device), and a great way to maximize use of your smart phone or tablet computer.

Farmers’ Markets and Rural Economic Development: Entrepreneurship, Small Business Incubation, and Job Creation in the Rural Northeast

Duncan Hilchey, Tom Lyson, Gil Gillespie, Farming Alternatives Program, Cornell University, 1995

A landmark study reports on how farmers’ markets contribute to local economic development. $4.25. Available from the Community Food and Agriculture Program. Clickhere for an order form in PDF format.


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