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General | Pastured Poultry


Cornell Poultry Program


The Cornell Poultry Program was discontinued in 2002 but old newsletters are still available through the Department of Animal Science, Cornell University A collection of Poultry Pointers Newsletter in PDF format


Cornell Small Farm Poultry Specialist

Tro Bui, Department of Animal Science Phone: (607) 255-4505 E-mail: 

ATTRA Poultry Resources


Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas ATTRA is one of the best sources of information on poultry. It provides many publications, both online and in print, for those interested in poultry production, including:

  • Feeding Chickens — Anne Fanatico
  • Pastured Poultry: An HPI Case Study Booklet — Anne Fanatico
  • Small-Scale Poultry Processing (in PDF format) — Anne Fanatico

These and other ATTRA publications can also be obtained for free by calling ATTRA at 1-800-346-9140, Monday-Friday, from 7am to 7pm CST.

Penn State Poultry Info


Pennsylvania State University This site provides easy to follow links to a variety of commercial poultry, 4-H poultry, and small/specialty avian flock resources. Phillip J. Clauer Penn State Poultry Extension Associate Phone: (814) 863-8960 E-mail:

Poultry Nutrition


Department of Animal Science, University of Minnesota A list of publications from various sources about poultry nutrition.

Poultry Facts

University of Maine Cooperative Extension, 2002

  • Giving Chicks a Good Start — Mahmoud El-Begearmi, H. Michael Opitz
  • Hatching Your Own Chicks — Mahmoud El-Begearmi
  • Turkey Brooding and Mangement: Giving Poults a Good Start — Mahmoud El-Begearmi, H. Michael Opitz

Production of Eggs and Home-Raised, Home-Butchered Broilers and Turkeys


Scott Beyer, Ph.D., Rhonda R. Janke, Ph.D., Kansas State University Research and Extension FoodASyst is a guide to help producers confidentially self-assess food safety risks and take corrective and preventive actions to lower the risks of contaminations in the food they produce and direct market to the public. In PDF format.

Pastured Poultry

Cornell Small Farms Program Factsheets: Raising Pastured Poultry

Layer Health Compendium

by Karma Glos, Kingbird Farm

Not intended as a diagnostic guide, but is an excellent compilation of natural and homeopathic treatment of chicken pests and diseases. Developed by Karma Glos with funding from a SARE Farmer-Grower grant.

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