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Cornell Small Farms Program “Raising Pastured Pigs” factsheet

Cornell Small Farm Swine Program

Department of Animal Science, Cornell University Provides information and education on small-scale swine production systems. For more information, contact Tro Bui at or (607) 255-4505.

Cornell Small Farms Program press releases

  • Small-Scale Swine Production

“Outdoorpig” — A new email discussion group for outdoor pig producers

An email listserve that offers producers the chance to ask questions, share information, sell pigs, look for assistance or anything else related to outdoor, natural, pastured, and/or organic pig production. “OUTDOORPIG” ( is managed by Bernadetter Logozar, Agriculture Development Specialist with Franklin County CCE.

To join the Outdoorpig listserv, send an email to Please put “Add me to the Outdoorpig list” in the subject line.

Pastured Pork Presentations from the Dec. 2, 2006 “Alternative Pork Opportunities” Workshop

  • Presentation by Leidy’s Premium Pork Products (Powerpoint)
  • Presentation by John Stowell on Alternative Pork Opportunities (Powerpoint)

The Alternative Swine Production Systems Program

Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, University of Minnesota The mission of the Alternative Swine Production Systems Program is to promote the research and development of low-emission and low-energy swine housing such as hoop structures, deep-bedded systems, and outdoor/pasture based systems. The Alternative Swine Production Systems Program seeks to develop relationships among farmers, researchers, and educators to research and promote alternative swine systems that are profitable, environmentally friendly, and help support rural communities in Minnesota. Wayne Martin, Program Coordinator 385 Animal Science/Vet Med 1988 Fitch Ave. University of Minnesota St. Paul, MN 55108 Phone: (612) 625-6224 or 1-877-ALT-HOGS (toll-free) E-mail: 

The Natural and Organic Pork Market: A Sustainable Niche for Small-Scale Producers?

American Journal of Alternative Agriculture, Vol. 18 No. 1, 2003 9 pages. To order, contact: W.P. Wheatley Department of Applied Economics University of Minnesota 316 Classroom-Office Bldg. St. Paul, MN 55108 E-mail: 

Profitable Pork: Strategies for Hog Producers

Sustainable Agriculture Network Farmers who want to successfully produce pork on a small scale can preserve their independence in the face of the consolidating hog industry. This 16-page online bulletin showcases examples of hog systems that work on small farms — deep-straw bedding, hoop structures, and on pasture — and features profiles about successful hog producers as well as the latest research on everything from achieving greater profits to raising better-tasting pork in alternative hog systems.

Swine Breeding and Gestation Facilities Handbook

Jay Harmon et al, MidWest Plan Service This book focuses on the specific demands of the breeding and gestation facility. The book meets a variety of audience needs by combining discussions of housing management options with discussions of building layouts and equipment needs. Along with the discussions of management, layouts, and equipment are explanations of manure handling options, environmental control systems, and utility requirements. MWPS-43. $17 plus $4.50 S&H. To order, call (515) 294-4337 or 1-800-562-3618 (toll-free), click here for an online order form, or write to: MidWest Plan Service 122 Davidson Hall Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011


Hogs Your Way

P. Bergh, Minnesota Department of Agriculture Developed to assist farmers considering adding or changing a hog production system. It covers options for keeping your operation profitable and environmentally friendly, regardless of size. There are profiles of large and small scale hog farmers who are successfully using Swedish deep-straw farrows, pasture farrows, hoop house finishing, or confinement farrowing and finishing. There is also a list of programs, organizations, and other sources of additional information. For farmers and extension educators. Publication is in PDF format . BU-07641. $5. To order a hard copy, click here , call (612) 624-4900 or 1-800-876-8636, or e-mail .


Designing Feeding Programs for Natural and Organic Pork Production

B. Koehler, University of Minnesota Extension Service, May 2002 Describes how to develop swine feeding programs for organic certification. Suggests diets to use according to pig size and pasture supplementation. BU-07736. $8. To order a hard copy, click here, call (612) 624-4900 or 1-800-876-8636, or e-mail .


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