Beef Cattle

Cornell Beef Management Program

Department of Animal Science, Cornell University Web site features a newsletter (Beef Cattle Comments)

with upcoming events, extension field staff, a reference manual, software, and reports.

Cornell Small Farms Program “Raising Pasture Finished Beef” Factsheet

Cornell Small Farms Program press releases

  • Cattle Handling Systems

ATTRA Beef Resources

Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas

Pasturage and forage crops are the heart of sustainable beef production and the foundation for many of the ATTRA publications in this section. Titles include:

  • Sustainable Beef Production — Anne Fanatico, Ron Morrow, Ann Wells

Print copies of ATTRA publications can be obtained for free by calling ATTRA at 1-800-346-9140, Monday-Friday, from 7am to 7pm CST.

Adding Value to Beef Production

Center for Industrial Research and Service, Iowa State University Extension The purpose of this study is to assist you, those planning on beginning a value added agriculture business venture, in doing those things necessary for any business venture to be successful. While there are no guarantees, there are tried-and-true methods and steps to business success. The Adding Value to Beef Production publication can be called a “living” publication or a work-in-progress. It will evolve with changing times, experiences and economic situations in agriculture. Iowa State University Extension and the authors invite you to contribute to future editions of this study as it grows.

Cattle Handling Safety in Working Facilities

Daniel J. Hubert, Raymond L. Huhnke, Sam L. Harp, Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Program, Discusses the injuries associated with handling cattle and ways of preventing them. To obtain a hard copy, call (405) 744-5385.

Cattle Handling Facilities: Planning, Components, and Layouts

Jos̩ R. Bicudo, Sam McNeill, Larry Turner, Roy Burris, John Anderson, University of Kentucky Discusses planning and development of cattle handling facilities. A reference section is also included. Publication is in PDF format . To obtain a hard copy, call (859) 257-4736.

Dairy-Beef Production

Penn State University Cooperative Extension For small-scale and part-time farming operations. Information on marketing, puchasing calves, health, nutrition, sample budget, and more. Publication is in PDF format .

Beef Cattle Handbook

University of Missouri Cooperative Extension, CD-ROM. 145 articles on beef cattle management in PDF format . Item #1169. $25. For ordering information, click here.

Beef Cattle Production

Gerald L. Stokka, Kansas State University Food*A*Syst is a guide to help producers confidentially self-assess food safety risks and take corrective and preventive actions to lower the risks of contaminations in the food they produce and direct-market to the public. Publication is in PDF format .

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