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Income Tax Management and Reporting for Small Businesses and Farms

EB 2001-15 will be available for your counties and schools. Please order this publication through . Due to high demands, we may reprint. The bulletin price for your educational use in the counties will remain at $8 and all other direct sales are $15.

New York Agricultural Landowner Guide to Tax, Conservation, and Management Programs

American Farmland Trust

New York’s best agricultural land is falling faster to development than ever before. A number of state and federal programs currently exist to help keep New York farmland healthy and in production. However, many agricultural landowners are not aware of the programs available to help them conserve their land, cut their tax expenses, and improve their environmental stewardship. American Farmland Trust’s new guide identifies those statewide programs — such as agricultural assessment, the Farmland Protection Program, and Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) — that assist farmers in reducing their tax burden, protecting natural resources and limiting development pressure. Publication is in PDF format.

12 pages. To obtain a print copy, contact Kirsten Ferguson at (518) 581-0078, ext. 205, or .

Questions and Answers on New York State’s Farmers’ School Tax Credit

New York State Department of Taxation and Finance

General information for farmers and tax practitioners concerning farmers’ tax credit. Information is in a question and answer format. Publication is in PDF format.

To order a hard copy or for further information, visit the website.

For a full listing of brochures available from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance click here.

Office of Real Property Services — 2008 Agricultural Assessment Values

New York State Office of Real Property Services

Assessment values per acre for computing agricultural assessments for 2001 have been established December 1, 2000. The State Board of Real Property Services by delegation to the Office of Real Property Services certifies these factors to assessors following Article 25AA of the Agriculture and Markets Law. These values are used for computing agricultural assessments for city and town assessment rolls completed in 2001, and for village assessment rolls completed in 2002.

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