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New York State Farm Labor Regulations Farm Labor Regulations.doc

NY Farm Bureau, May 2004

A summary of requirements for complying with New York State law regarding: farm work agreement form; minimum wage; legal and illegal deductions from wages; and required postings. Includes sample farm work agreement form in Spanish.

For more information, contact your regional office of the New York State Department of Labor, or contact New York Farm Bureau at (518) 431-5616 and ask for the Department of Labor packet.

NY Farm Bureau Farm Labor/Laws Guides 

The New York State Farm Bureau has the following guides for sale: “Farmer’s Guide to Labor & Employment Laws”, “Farmer’s Guide to ICE and Immigration Law Enforcement Activities: An Employer’s Rights and Responsibilities”, “Farmer’s Guide to Truck & Farm Implement Laws & Regulations”, and “Farmer’s Guide to Oil and Gas Leases”. The prices are varied and depend on member or non-member status. Please contact Lisa Ovitt at  or (518) 436-8495.

Ag Help Wanted

Published by the Western Farm Management Extension

Ag Help Wanted is an educational guidebook designed to assist every person who currently manages or expects to manage human resources on farms, ranches, nurseries, dairies, and other agricultural operations. The book can be used as a source of ideas for improving management policies or practices, an occasional reference in coping with problems that arise, or a base for systematic study of human resource management in agriculture. It presents principles, practical examples, regulatory considerations, and leads to more references that all help equip managers to make choices that are reasonable, legal, and ultimately effective for both their businesses and the people they employ.

Visit website to download.

People Management for Smaller Dairies

Northeast Dairy Business, August 2001

Article reprinted from August 2001 issue of Northeast Dairy Business. To subscribe to this publication, visit the Multi Ag Media site.

Standard Operating Procedures: A Writing Guide

Penn State Dairy Alliance

A 9-page guide that contains tips for writing standard operating procedures on your dairy. Also outlines several examples of standard operating procedure formats. Single copies are available free of charge.

To obtain a copy, contact the Penn State Publications Distribution Center at (814) 865-6713 or e-mail:

Sustainable Farming Internships and Apprenticeships

Katherine Adam, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas, October 2002

This resource list of learning opportunities in sustainable agriculture and organic agriculture has been published annually by ATTRA since 1989 as a networking tool to help farmers and apprentices connect with each other.

Guidelines for the Care of Migrant Farmworkers’ Children

The American Academy of Pediatrics

A resource that supplements general pediatric guidelines and helps clinicians address the special health concerns of these children. It includes sections on nutrition, well-child care, injuries, infectious diseases, and oral health.

160 pages, $29.95 ($24.95 for members). Available through the AAP bookstore.

Protection for Farm Workers

New York State Department of Labor

An overview of laws that cover housing, pay, transportation, working conditions, and complaints for farm workers.

To obtain a copy or ask questions, call 1-800-848-4949.


U.S. Department of Labor

A series of interactive systems available on the Internet that helps workers and small businesses understand their rights and responsibilities under federal employment laws.

The Rural Employment Office

New York State Department of Labor

A farm/rural employment network for both employers and employees. Call your nearest Department of Labor office for the name and location of the Rural Labor Services Representative that serves your area.

Albany : (518) 457-6798
Albion : (718) 589-5335
Batavia : (716) 343-2121
Hamburg : (716) 825-3916

Hamburg (Dunkirk) : (716) 366-0130
Hudson : (518) 828-4654
Kingston : (914) 331-8920
Lockport : (716) 433-6766
Middletown : (914) 341-1141
Middletown (Pine Island) : (914) 651-7100

Newark : (315) 331-2011
Plattsburgh : (518) 561-0430
Riverhead : (516) 727-4870
Rochester : (716) 266-7780
Syracuse : (315) 479-3294
Warsaw : (716) 786-3145

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