Dairy Business Management


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Video Lessons on Various Topics Related to Managing a Dairy Operation

1. Grazing in the Grass


A 10 minute video that shows 12 months on a farm outside of Ithaca which handles a flock of 100 sheep year round and 100 head of dairy heifers for the summer. Includes: handling “hot” fences, unique “no gate” set up, 40 acres of turnips for winter grazing and more.

2. Sanitation for Small Dairy Processors


This 20 min. long video discusses the proper cleaning and sanitation for a farm business. The video includes on farm demonstrations and scientific information presented from university experts. It’s a very informative video on various aspects of production that anyone should now if they already have a processing plant or are looking into starting a process company along with your small farm.



Department of Animal Science, Cornell University

A program that aims to facilitate New York State economic development by increasing
the profitability and competitiveness of its dairy industry.

Cornell University
272 Morrison Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853
Phone: (607) 255-4285

Dairy Farm Business Summary

Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University

A regional summary of New York State dairy farm financial and production data.
Provides helpful information to analyze your own farm’s strengths and weaknesses.
Special DFBS reports are available for grazing herds and small herds. Small
Herd Farms: 65 Cows or Fewer
(1999) is available online at http://dyson.cornell.edu/outreach/extensionpdf/1999/Cornell_AEM_eb9912.pdf.

To obtain a copy of your region’s Dairy Farm Business Summary, contact Linda
Putnam at (607) 255-8429 or .

Total Dairy Management


Department of Animal Science, Cornell University, Pro-Dairy

This program is designed for students, dairy farmers, agribusiness people,
and others who have a sincere interest in dairy farm management. Objectives
are to gain a further understanding of the integration and application of dairy
farm management principles and programs with respect to progressive dairying
and related industries.

Developing a Dairy Marketing Plan


Mark Stephenson, Smart Marketing Series, Department of Applied Economics and
Management, Cornell University

Mark Stephenson discusses how price risk in dairy markets can be managed through
the development and implementation of a marketing plan.

Cornell Dairy Profit Monitor


The Cornell Dairy Profit Monitor is a great tool for any dairy farm whether grazing, large, small, organic, or any combination of the above. One of its advantages is that it allows you to enter financial information on a monthly basis, rather than at the end of the year.  It can help you track the financial impact of decisions or changes you make in your business on a regular  basis.  You can also see how your business compares to farms of similar sizes or management systems.  And if you are a grazing dairy, it can help obtain better financial information on grazing farms, especially if you use the information at year end to fill out the Cornell Dairy Farm Business Summary.  We frequently hear that there’s not enough good information available – so here’s your chance to help improve the situation!

Using MILK2000 to Estimate Corn Hybrid Silage Performance


Joe Lauer, Jim Coors, Randy Shaver, University of Wisconsin Extension

Beginning with the 2000 Wisconsin Corn Hybrid Performance Trial, ranking of
corn hybrid quality was estimated using MILK2000. In the corn silage hybrid
trials, samples were analyzed using near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) equations
derived from previous work of Jim Coors and Joe Lauer at UW-Madison. Plot samples
were dried, ground, and analyzed for crude protein (CP), acid detergent fiber
(ADF), neutral detergent fiber (NDF), in vitro cell wall digestibility (CWD),
in vitro digestibility (IVD), and starch content. Using these values and silage
yield data, the MILK2000 spreadsheet was used to calculate corn silage performance
indices (milk/ton and milk/ac).

Dairy Diagnostics Tool Box


University of Minnesota Extension Service

The Minnesota Dairy Diagnostics Tool Box is intended to support dairy diagnostic team professionals in completing an accurate and comprehensive analysis of a dairy farm business.

Standard Operating Procedures: A Writing Guide

Penn State Dairy Alliance

A 9-page guide that contains tips for writing standard operating procedures
on your dairy. Also outlines several examples of standard operating procedure
formats. Single copies are available free of charge.

To obtain a copy, contact the Penn State Publications Distribution Center at
(814) 865-6713.

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