Community Relations

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Farms, Communities, and Collaboration: A Guide to Resolving Farm-Neighbor Conflict

David Kay, Maralyn Edid, Cornell University; Judith A. Saul, Community Dispute Resolution Center, 2003

This manual is a guide to resolving the kinds of conflicts that arise when farmers and nonfarmers live together in rural communities: conflicts over farming practices, lifestyles, land use, the environment. The manual was designed to help farmers and neighbors, regulators, local government officials, environmental advocates, and interested citizens become familiar with the process of collaborative problem solving. Collaborative problem solving draws on mediation and/or facilitation skills and involves an approach to conflict that engages participants in resolving differences constructively. Equally important, the process helps build socially strong and economically vital communities.

Good Neighbor Relations


Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Penn State University

This website contains advice and tips from 36 farmers on using ways of peacefully coexisting with their non-farming neighbors; it is intended to help you think about ways you can develop better relationships with your neighbors.

Farming with Neighbors

Judy Carter, Lorne Owen, Canadian Farm Business Management Council

A Canadian-based guide for farmers on preventing and resolving community conflicts over farming practices.

$25 from Canadian Farm Business Management Council. Order toll-free from anywhere in North America by calling 1-888-232-3262 or visiting the web site.

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