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New York Greenhouse Business Summary and Financial Analysis

Wen-fei Uva, Steve Richards, Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University, May 2003

Operations and financial records from greenhouse businesses specializing in outdoor bidding and garden plants, indoor potted plants, and other horticultural products are summarized. The bulletin provides financial performance bench marks for smaller and larger greenhouse businesses. This information is valuable in evaluating the feasibility of a greenhouse business and in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of an existing greenhouse business.

To order a copy, contact Wen-fei Uva at (607) 255-3688 or .

Cornell Program on Agricultural and Small Business Finance

Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University

The programs are LEAP (lease analysis program), CASHPRO (projecting annual cash flows), MOCASH (projecting monthly cash flows), and FISA (a complete integrated set of financial statements including ratios).

Dairy Farm Business Summary

Department of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University

A regional summary of New York State dairy farm financial and production data. Provides helpful information to analyze your own farm’s strengths and weaknesses. Special DFBS reports are available for grazing herds and small herds. Small Herd Farms: 65 Cows or Fewer (1999) is available online at

To obtain a copy of your region’s Dairy Farm Business Summary, contact Linda Putnam at (607) 255-8429 or .


Over the last two years, Guillermo Payet and the Local Harvest team have been hard at work building a robust online CSA management system. Knowing that each CSA is as unique as the farm that runs it, we have worked hard to make the software extremely flexible. Need weekly data exports, harvest lists, bulk email capability, box customization, add-ons, weekly billing, bi-weekly deliveries, support for drop points and/or home delivery, and online account management for your members? CSAware has all that and much more. And, having dug deep and broad foundations with maximum flexibility in mind, we are able to further customize many parts of the software to fit each farm’s practices. For an online tour of the software, contact Local Harvest at

Accounting tools

NY FarmLink has developed the following accounting tools for agricultural businesses:

  • Paper Account Book for Dairy, Fruit, and Vegetable Farms
  • Account Book that uses Microsoft Excel
  • QuickBooks (contact NY FarmNet for information on how to administer for farm businesses)

To order this material, contact the FarmNet office at 1-800-547-FARM.

Crop Planning and Record Keeping Spreadsheets for Diversified Vegetable Farms

An excellent, easy-to-use template for record keeping and crop planning on a diversified farm. Especially useful for CSA farms.

Greenhouse Cost Accounting Program

Robin Brumfield A software program that is useful in analyzing various strategies to improve the overall profitability of greenhouse businesses. It is useful for greenhouse managers and business owner who have a grasp on financial management and maintain good records.


To order, send a check to:
Robin Brumfield
2908 West Turner St.
Allentown, PA 18104

Partial Budgeting for Agricultural Businesses

Sarah Roth, Jeffrey Hyde, Penn State University

An online publication from the Ag Alternatives Program at Penn State on partial budgeting for a farm business. Partial budgeting is a planning and decision-making framework farm business owners can use to compare the costs and benefits of alternatives they face. This publication explains how to use partial budgeting and explains its benefits in making farm business decisions. Publication is in PDF format.

For a print copy of this publication, contact:

Publications Distribution Center
The Pennsylvania State University
Phone: (814) 865-6713
Fax: (814) 863-5560

Vegetable Enterprise Budget Workbook

Michael R. Sciabarrasi, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

This workbook was developed using Microsoft Excel 97. It allows the user to retrieve enterprise budgets for 11 vegetable crops. The user may change inputs, output level, and prices to better fit a specific farm. Enterprise budgets for new crops may also be developed. Publication is in PDF format.

Market Farm Forms: Spreadsheet Templates for Planning and Organizing Information on Diversified Farms

For either Mac or PC platforms.

$45 plus $5 shipping. Order from:

Full Circle Farm
3377 Early Times Lane
Auburn, CA 95603
Phone: (530) 885-9201

Quickbooks: Using Quickbooks to Manage Your Dairy Farm

University of Missouri Outreach Extension

To order book, call (573) 882-7216. If you wish to use cash sale instead of invoice, e-mail .

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