About the Editorial Team

SFQ is a truly collaborative project. Country Folks Magazine (Lee Publications) manages subscriptions, ad sales, layout, printing, and distribution. The Cornell Small Farms Program and SFQ Editorial Team manage all content.

Editorial Team (Updated 10/11/10)

Editor In Chief
Anu Rangarajan, Cornell Small Farms Program

Managing Editor
Violet Stone, Cornell Small Farms Program

Farming & Technology
Michelle Striney, NE Beginning Farmer Project

New Farmers
Laura Biasillo, Broome County CCE

Youth Pages and Home and Family
Celeste Carmichael, NYS 4-H Youth Development Program
607-255-4799 cjc17@cornell.edu

Nancy Glazier, Northwest NY Dairy, Livestock & Field Crops Team

Forest and Woodlot
Gary Goff, Cornell Natural Resources Department
607-255-2824 grg3@cornell.edu

Vermont Correspondent
Martha Herbert Izzi, Vermont Farmer
802-492-3346 Mhizzi@yahoo.com

Betsy Lamb, CCE Integrated Pest Management Program
607- 254-8800 eml38@cornell.edu

Community and World
Jill Swenson, Freelance Journalist

Farm Energy
Violet Stone, Small Farm Energy Workteam

Stewardship and Nature
John Thurgood, USDA Natural Resources

Local Foods & Marketing
Megan Fenton, Sustainable Ag Educator, CCE Yates County

Country Folks/Lee Publications Contacts:

Subscriptions and bulk orders: Tracy Crouse, Lee Publications, Inc., PO Box 1212, Palatine Bridge, NY, 13428. 888-596-5329, subscriptions@leepub.com.

Advertising information: Bruce Button, Lee Publications, Inc. 518-673-3237, bbutton@leepub.com.

Supporting Organizations:

  • Cornell Small Farms Program
  • Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • NYS 4-H Youth Development Program
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Lee Publications/Country Folks Magazine

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