Supporting Small Dairy Producers in New York

During the Summer and Fall of 2011, the Small Dairy Project Team is planning:

  • Case studies on low cost producers combined with good rates of return.  The data collected will focus on percent of change rather than actual dollars so farmers are more willing to share their story and data.  
  • Small Dairy benchmarks from DFBS (write a factsheet or article to explain what small dairies are doing in NY)
  • Fact Sheet to serve as a  guide (decision tool) for hiring a custom operator.  The fact sheet will contain: range of costs for different operations, contracts/agreements (who covers what costs), tips successful partnership
  • Article article about the implications for small dairies of the potential new regulations for winter spreading. 

Project Team Members:

Fay Benson, CCE Small Dairy Support, Small Farm Educator, 607.753.5212 or
Matthew Goldfarb, Cornell Small Farms Program, 607.255.9227 or
Nancy Glazier, CCE Yates County
Mariane Kiraly, CCE Delaware
Ron Kuck, CCE Jefferson
Rebecca Daubert, CCE Chenango
Michael Kiechle, Farmer
Kevin Sullivan, Farmer    

Other Resources:

NY Small Dairy Innovators: Successful Strategies for Smaller Dairies
The book features 7 small dairies all over NYS that have found methods of increasing profit and leisure time even in the face of a very challenging time for the dairy industry.   Download the booklet here.

Custom Rates Chart
Need to hire out tractor work, hay harvesting, tilling and planting, or other cutom labor? Check out the 2010 Custom Rates Chart to know how much to expect to pay for the help you need!

Hay Production Resources for New York State and Similar Climates
The demand for hay over the past few years has been very good. Both veteran and new farmers are growing this crop as the demand continues and the number of livestock operations keeps growing. However, when you try to find a manual on the many aspects of producing hay, it just does not seem to exist. Veteran farmers need to fine-tune their knowledge, and new farmers have all the questions of a beginner. As a response, “Hay Production Resources” was put together to add to the knowledge of veteran farmers and provide a knowledge base for new farmers. The hay market is growing, but not just for any old hay. The horse, dairy goat, sheep, llama, alpaca, and other livestock operations want and need high-quality forage suited to their specific needs. Producing excellent hay for the specific needs of each type of customer requires a basic knowledge of agronomy, hay production, and livestock nutrition. The bar is being raised in this expanding hay market and “Hay Production Resources” is a start in providing information for those that want to meet the challenge. It is a collection of articles, spreadsheets, and other resources. Most of them were gathered on the internet from University sources. Many are from outside of New York, but are applicable to the New York climate and agriculture industry. Areas with temperate climates like New York may find this information useful. However, all this information should be used with discretion since there are many regional differences and the agriculture industry is changing at an ever accelerating rate. To access the website, visit http://counties.cce.cornell.edu/washington/Ag/Haymanual/index.html

NYS Map of Cheese Houses…coming soon!

Sanitary Cheese Production Video…coming soon!