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Whether you’re still deciding where to market your products or you’ve already been selling through various channels, we have guides to help. Read on…

Guide to Farming in New York

Guide to Farming in NYS: Revised for 2011!
This Guide is updated annually to provide answers to questions about taxes, business planning, labor law, zoning, regulations, marketing and many other topics that farmers need to know. The Guide is hosted at our Northeast Beginning Farmers Project website.

Guide to Direct Marketing Livestock and PoultryResource Guide to Direct Marketing Meat and Poultry: Revised for 2011!

A Resource Guide to Direct Market Livestock and Poultry helps to clarify and explain the complex laws in layman terms, discussing slaughtering and processing at the custom, state, and federal levels and guiding farmers through the logistics of the various market channels. While the guide is intended for farmers, it is also helpful to buyers, restaurants, market managers, small processors, extension educators, and many others. To order a hard copy of the Guide, mail a check payable to Cornell University in the amount of $8.00 to Cornell Small Farms Program. 15A Plant Science. Cornell University. Ithaca NY 14853. Please include an email if you wish to hear confirmation. Thank you.

Green Grass, Green Jobs Report“Green Grass, Green Jobs: Increasing Livestock Production on Underutilized Grasslands in NYS”
This publication is the culmination of two years of statewide research by a team of interdisciplinary educators across New York state. The report focuses on recommended actions in research, education, extension, and policy to realize the potential of our grasslands as a farming resource that will spur rural economic development, grow the regional food supply, and enhance environmental outcomes for all citizens of NYS.

Farm Energy Innovators Guide

Small Farm Energy Innovators: Successful Farm Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Strategies
As a farmer, chances are you know how to produce food and fiber. But do you know how to produce energy? “Small Farm Energy Innovators” booklet details farmers that save energy – through radiant floor heating, coolbot airconditioners, integrated pest management – and use renewable energy – solar, wind and geothermal, grass pellets, etc, to save dollars and lessen impact on the environment.  The farms featured in the Small Farm Energy Innovators range from small-scale dairy, livestock, and fruit/vegetable operations and include examples of both grid-connected and off-the-grid systems.  Profiles detail the cost of installation, any grants or incentives available, amount of energy saved or produced, and where to go for further information.   The Small Farm Energy Innovators book is a project of the Cornell Small Farms Energy Workteam.

Small Dairy Profiles

NY Small Dairy Innovators: Successful Strategies for Smaller Dairies
The Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to announce the publication of a new book of profiles “NY Small Dairy Innovators: Successful Strategies for Smaller Dairies” The book features 7 small dairies all over NYS that have found methods of increasing profit and leisure time even in the face of a very challenging time for the dairy industry.   The book is the first of many new resources the Small Farms Program is planning for small dairy producers by way of a new Small Dairy Workteam.