Flower Farm Cultivates Community and Imagination through Hands-on Classes

Over her 20+ years selling flowers at farmers markets in the Saratoga Springs, NY region, Barbara Jefts of Native Farm Flowers has seen many bright eyed customers admiring her wild and earthy arrangements.  “I’d love to learn how to do that!” customers exclaimed as they peered closely at her unique creations.  But although Barbara welcomed [...]

Workbook Guides Grape Growers Toward Sustainability

Grape growers are using a new action-planning tool – the New York Guide to Sustainable Viticulture Practices Grower Self-Assessment Workbook – to enhance economically-sound production with minimal environmental impacts. The eight-section, 134-question workbook facilitates evaluation of soil and nutrient management; weed, disease, and insect control; and the vineyard business’s economic needs. Getting the workbook into producers’ [...]

Incredible Innovations from Overseas: Introducing the Japanese Paper Pot Transplanter

Incredible Innovations from Overseas: Introducing the Japanese Paper-Pot Transplanter If I said you could put 264 transplants in the ground in less than a minute all by yourself, with no motorized equipment, and no stooping and bending, you’d probably tell me I was full of… bunk. Or something worse. But it’s true, and the innovative equipment [...]

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