NY Small Farms Statistics

Q. Has there been an increase in small farms in NYS recently?

According to the 2007 agricultural census, small farms represent 90% of the farms in NYS. Overall, there has been a slight decrease in the total number of farms in NYS (-2%, from 37,255 in 2002 to 36,352 in 2007), with a slightly larger decrease in small farms (using USDA definition of farms with income less than $250,000): -5%, from 34,502 in 2002 to 32,724 in 2007.

Q. Has there been an increase or decrease in the number of CSAs recently?

Number are hard to tell, because CSAs are just starting to get counted. In 2007 the USDA agricultural census asked about CSAs for the first time, and recorded 364 in NYS, 12,549 nationally. NOFA NY also started keeping records of the number of CSAs in 2007, recording 123 farms in NYS. (Their CSA directory can be found at Local Harvest, an online directory of sustainable food sources, lists 258 CSAs in the state for 2010–30% of their total farm listings.

Q. Has the number of farmer’s markets in NYS increased or decreased recently?

This growth has been HUGE!! According to Diane Eggert of the NY Farmers’ Market Federation, back in 2000 there were 240 farmers markets in NYS. In 2005 there were 325. In 2010, she can confirm 475, but assures us that there are probably many more. The Farmers’ Market Federation website directory lists 569. On the national scale, Harpers Magazine recorded 5274 active farmers markets in May 2010, 46% of which were started in the past decade.

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