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Kingbird Farm – Learn how the Glos family makes a living selling broiler chickens, eggs, ducks, turkeys, pork, beef, and herbs from their certified organic farm in Berkshire, NY.

Northland Sheep Dairy – MaryRose Livingston demonstrates how she and her husband Donn Hewes manage their 100% grass-fed flock year-round to produce lambs for meat, wool, and sheep cheese. Newly added!: Donn describes how draft horses and mules fit into their farm, from hay production to snow plowing, cultivating, and skidding logs.

Sweetland Farm CSA – This well-managed vegetable farm entered a market that was thought to be saturated with CSA’s already, and several years later they have nearly 400 subscribers.

Muddy Fingers Farm – This vegetable farm is a great model for a 2-person farm with little or no outside labor. They sell at farmers’ market and through a small CSA.

Silver Queen Farm – Learn about planting, pruning and maintenance needs for commercial production of strawberries and raspberries from Gordy Gallup, owner of Silver Queen Farm.