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Northeast Beginning Farmer’s Field Journal

A Beginners Guide for Young Farmers

The Guide is also available as a PDF.

Welcome to the Field Guide!

1. This Land is Our Land

  1. Stories from the Field
  2. Farming Futures
  3. A Brief History of American Farming
  4. A Farm Career

2. Learning to Farm

  1. Move to a New Beat
  2. Stories from the Field
  3. Getting a Farm Education
  4. Learning in the Field

3. Starting to Farm

  1. Stories from the Field
  2. The Guide: What to Know
  3. Farming 101

4. Going to Market

  1. Marketplaces
  2. Ways to Market
  3. Stories from the Field
  4. Food for All

5. Resources

  1. A Young Farmers Story
  2. On the Way
  3. Access to Funding
  4. Alternative Funding
  5. Business Management
  6. Business Skills
  7. Farmer Education Opportunities
  8. Resources & Tools for Farmers
  9. Resources for Educators