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My Survival Farm by Dan Sullivan: Worth the Cost?

By Beginning Farmers

January 19, 2021

When you go to the grocery store and purchase produce, do you ever think about where all the fruits and vegetables came from? They didn’t just magically generate under those crispers and in those displays. It takes the planning and effort of farmers, who’ve learned through generations of agricultural history. You may not be starting a full-scale commercial farm, but you can still create something magical.

Why does it matter to learn to farm now, when the grocery store has everything you need? It doesn’t seem as pressing right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good to be prepared.

A food shortage could happen, and things could get ugly with people fighting amongst themselves for food. However, if you have your own farm setup, things can much more bearable.

It doesn’t have to get that bad, either. Learning to farm is just great to do, and Dan Sullivan’s “My Survival Farm” is the perfect guide for the new farmer.

In this review, we’re going to tell you about this guide and how you can start your first farm. (Even if you don't know anything about farming or only want to grow a few things in your backyard on a small scale.)

Dan F. Sullivan made “My Survival Farm” not just to teach people how to farm, but to show them survival gardening.

It’s a book with plenty of information on different produce. You can learn to grow a great range of crops, an excellent and affordable way to get sustenance.

This program also teaches you to grow things for medical purposes. There’s so much to be done with plants beyond eating them.

You don’t need to be going under some significant disaster to use this book. It’s beneficial for general farming purposes. Additionally, you don’t need to do much of the stuff involved with traditional farming or gardening.

There’s no digging, irrigating, nor other sorts of maintenance. It lets you leave things be while nature takes its course.

The core of this system is known as “permaculture.” This is a farming style that helps your crops while not disrupting nature in the process.

Reading this book can give you essential information about farming, which is always good to have. Growing your food isn’t just good for your survival. It’s also great for your confidence and overall health.

What Will You Learn?

“My Survival Farm” teaches many things, but the primary idea is making a survival garden. These are the most significant concepts in the book: 

Garden Blueprint

This book lets you know everything you need to get your survival garden started.

You’ll learn about measuring and making the most of your garden area. They teach things in a very accessible way. You’ll be nodding along as you think about what to plant in your garden first.

Don’t skip this section. Understanding and following it is mandatory for starting your garden off properly. Another important lesson is how to make your soil as fertile as possible to grow the best crops possible.

Medicinal Plants

Your medicine cabinet could soon extend to your kitchen. “My Survival Farm” details more than 50 plants that serve medical purposes, including illness help.

They give thorough tips on the best way to grow them. These can keep you from going to the doctor when you’re dealing with mild ailments. You can also save money on over-the-counter medicine from the pharmacy.

You can give your medical budget a significant break and develop a fantastic skillset. Remember, these plants can help with some health issues but not all of them. If something is severe, you’ll need to visit a doctor.

Secret Garden Security

You might be really excited to tell everyone about your new garden, but this part of the book makes a good case for staying quiet about it.

If something really serious happened, and people started fighting for food, your garden would need protection. The best way to protect it is not to let it be exposed.

The book’s advice is very practical. It’s mostly about using fences and hedges to your advantage. This keeps your garden protected and helps make your home feel a lot more secure.

Animals and Pests

Your neighbors might not be a considerable threat to your garden. However, animals definitely can be. If you want your garden to be a long-term addition, you need to know how to keep pests away.

The techniques don’t involve any sort of dangerous pesticide. You’ll be able to keep your crops safe while getting rid of pests looking to ruin them.

You can also read about the concept of permaculture and how animals can play a role in it. Don’t let your garden become a hub for pests. With this program, you can give your garden the means to stay alive and grow amazing plants.

Info About Plants

Not all climates are suited for all plants. Thankfully, “My Survival Farm” teaches you how to choose the plants that’ll work for where you live.

This is another area where permaculture knowledge really comes in handy. There’s also excellent information on making your own fertilizers. 

Additional Features

At no extra cost, this order includes five ebooks. This is excellent supplemental information for your garden. The books you’ll receive are:

  • SHTF Water
  • Profits
  • Authority
  • Action Plan and Checklist
  • Survival Blueprint

About The Author

“My Survival Farm” reads like it was written by someone who knows a whole lot about farming. That’s the truth, as Dan F. Sullivan is an agriculture wizard, and he’s been making a splash in the industry for quite some time now.

You may also know Dan from his site, SurvivalSullivan.com. He follows significant trends about where the world is headed very closely.

He didn’t just rely on his own research for this book. He also got help from a pair of permaculturists for even more information.


1. Money and Health Assistance

Can teach you a new way to reduce your grocery budget. Your nearby supermarket might sell local produce, but it doesn’t get any more local than picking things right out of your own backyard.

You’ll also avoid pesticides that could be lurking in store-bought produce. If you have a surplus and know others would enjoy your crops, consider opening a produce side business.

2. Knowledge Value

Full of practical advice, the kind of information worth applying to many situations. A friend might visit, complaining of a minor ailment, and you’ll immediately know which plant they need.

3. Doesn’t Require Big Space

Having a large backyard is nice and can certainly make gardening easier. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t grow in a smaller yard. This program teaches skills that can work for more-cramped spaces.

4. Refunds

If it doesn’t work for you, your money can be refunded. Ask for your money back in no more than 60 days and prepare for a refund.

We’re not sure how much of a hassle this is, if at all. However, it’s good to know that you can get a refund.


1. The Result Will Take Time

The techniques taught in “My Survival Farm” require patience. You won’t know exactly how your efforts are going until the growing season.

The only way to make it go faster is by using some chemicals, which we definitely don’t endorse.

2. Digital Book

An ebook is necessarily a con, but many people prefer having a physical book. The whole order is entirely ebooks.

It’s more affordable to create an ebook, and probably easier to reach more people. However, a printed version would be really nice to have.

Final Thoughts

“My Survival Farm” is a worthy purchase for any farmer-in-training. You can also use it if you’ve previously grown food and/or other garden items.

You’ll have an opportunity to help feed your family and protect them in the event of a food emergency.

A small business could emerge as well. This is an excellent investment when you consider affordable it is to start a garden.

There are many places you can learn about farming, without having to spend any money. However, the accuracy of these resources can be spotty.

It can also get exhausting to look around so many places, trying to piece together all the useful information. Reading “My Survival Farm” gives you a central resource to focus on.

Be sure you set yourself up for success before reading this book. Adopt a farming-positive attitude and keep track of your progress, looking for positive signs wherever you can find them.

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