Farm Start-up Progress Checklist

Whole Farm Planning
Business Start-up and Management
Acquiring Tools, Equipment, and Infrastructure
Managing Production
Raising Livestock
Raising Crops (Veggies/Herbs/Flowers/Fruit/Berries)

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6 thoughts on “Farm Start-up Progress Checklist

  1. This is exactly what people without an idea where to star up could start clearing their ideas and making his way to the main goal.

    • Thank you guys for your support of our materials for new farmers! We really hope your farm plans go well, keep in touch.


  2. I feel like I'm getting started! But, at what point am I really a farm? I have a name, a DBA, chickens, and have sold some eggs over the summer. 100 birds on pasture-going to the 'salon' tomorrow. Still need my goat barn and some $$$.

    • How do I know when I’m a farmer?
      Here is what our website says

      "There is no single answer to this question. "Farming" as opposed to "gardening" implies business involvement, so if you are actively producing food, fuel, fiber, fish, or forestry products, keeping business records on your income and expenses, and filing a Schedule F with your federal taxes, you are farming.

      But tax benefits or other financial programs for agriculture each have their own criteria. The IRS defines you as a farmer if you make more than $1,000 in farm revenue in a year. But to receive agricultural property tax assessment on your property, you need to demonstrate significantly more income each year (in NY, $10,000/year on more than 7 acres. See Fact Sheet #21 in the Guide to Farming in NY for more info). If farming becomes the majority of your income, you can qualify for a farmers income tax credit (Fact Sheet #16 in the Guide to Farming in NY). The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offers several cost-share programs that can help you build farm infrastructure if it's related to a conservation priority on your land. Again, their requirements and definition of farmer are different than other programs, and you'll need to contact your local NRCS office to find out details."

      So... in other words, you are probably already a farmer in the government's eyes if you've filed tax forms as a farmer. And I'd say by asking the question, you're already a farmer at heart! It sure sounds like you definitely have some 'skin in the game' and your dreams to grow on... you're sure a farmer to us!

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