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About the Worksheets on this Site

These worksheets are primarily designed for aspiring or brand new farmers who are not yet ready to write a formal business plan. Using these worksheets will help you develop the foundation of a farm plan and test the feasibility of your ideas, which is essential even if you never do write a complete business plan.

If you are ready to write a full business plan, please visit the Planning Your Farm Business section of this site, which contains a few sample business plans and templates for both the text narrative and financial statements needed in a plan you could take to the bank.

 How to Use the Worksheets on this Site

No need to create an account! Simply fill in any of these worksheets and we’ll email you a copy of your responses, which you can save, further refine, or delete!

  1. The Goals, Skills & Resources section includes 4 worksheets that form a solid farm foundation consisting of: Identifying Your Values, Inventorying Your Resources, Creating Your Mission Statement, and Setting Goals that will shape everything else you do on your farm.
  2. The Production Plan Worksheet gives you a place to organize your questions and collect your research on different enterprises and what it will take to produce them. It is part of Choosing What to Produce.
  3. The Marketing Plan Worksheet is part of Selling What You Produce and helps you begin to refine your description of your product, your target customer, and your competition.
  4. You can put all of the above together – whether as the preface to a full business plan or as a stand-alone pre-business plan document for your own use – in the Farm Start-up Plan worksheet.
  5. Use the Beginning Farmer Skills Checklist (PDF) to organize your planning and track your progress over time in developing your farm.