Taking Care of the Land

What types of farming practices should I be considering to take care of my land?

When you farm, the soil and water that allows you to generate revenue from it are the most precious resources in your care. Good stewardship begins with careful observation. Do you see signs of soil erosion? What could you do … Continue reading

What kinds of government incentives are available to me?

There are various types of cost-shares and payment programs available to farmers from the federal government. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as free money; pursuing any of the programs below requires a solid commitment of time … Continue reading

What’s involved in being Organically Certified?

Becoming Certified Organic production offers many advantages for small farmers including ecologically friendly production methods, strong consumer demand for organic products, and higher prices. If you have farm sales of more than $5,000/year you cannot legally label or sell your … Continue reading

Taking Care of the Land

Featured farmers from the NY Beginning Farmer Project's Voices of Experience video series discuss the importance of caring for the soil, water, wildlife and air that sustain your farm operation.

Visit the video gallery to "Meet the Farmers" and view other videos.

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