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Sample Business Plans

Examples of relevant business plans–regionally- and scale-appropriate–are difficult to come by. Here are a few we have collected. Check back periodically as we hope to continue adding to this small list:

Examples from

  • Botanical Bounty Medicinal Herb Business Plan
  • Mixed Greens Salad Gardens
  • Wilson Family Peach Farm (not regionally appropriate, but easily adapted)

Other Types of Business Plans:

A business plan doesn’t have to be long – in fact, consider this one-page business plan (PDF) from Gaia University Northeast, developed by Ethan Roland. (With all the financials, it does expand beyond the mini-plan model, but that first page is amazingly concise!)

Not ready to write a business plan? Develop a website for your farm! You can draw it out on paper if you don’t have the patience or technical skills to use one of the available web templates. Thinking through a website design requires you to go through many of the same thought processes as developing a business plan, but for many people it’s a project that inspires more enthusiasm and creativity.

If you are mostly interested in enterprise budgets, visit the Choosing What To Produce tutorial, or just search “enterprise budgets” on this site. For information specific to a marketing plan, visit the Marketing Your Products section of Plan Your Farm.

Need to learn more about how to farm before writing a business plan? Continue on>>