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Evaluating Land Tutorial

The availability and condition of land and facilities can be limiting factors in production. Hardiness zone, soil texture, rainfall amount, or lack of barns can not only determine the type of enterprise you can work with, but literally can make or break certain operations.

This module will help you understand  important factors to look out for whether you are still seeking land or trying to determine your land’s production ability.

The unit is split into three sections, Environment, Land Use, and Facilities. Be aware that some of the subjects are specific to certain types of agriculture and may not apply to you. All the topics will help you determine what resources are available on your farm or in your community.

This tutorial will help you:

  • Understand how a piece of land’s current environmental and facilities status can affect your ability to produce.
  • Have a better understanding of the environmental conditions of a piece of land and how you can work with these
  • Establish a starting point for determining what land or infrastructure modifications will be needed (or if they’re even feasible on a given piece of land) in order for you to be able to produce your desired products.

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