Who Can I Talk to About…

…help designing a grazing plan and selecting appropriate fencing, water, and shelter?

It depends which state and county you’re in, but most areas of the region offer customized assistance with this through the Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative (GLCI). Other grass-based livestock farmers in your area should be able to tell you which … Continue reading

…one-on-one assistance with a business plan?

In NY, first try contacting the Beginning Farmer or Small Farm contact at your county Cornell Cooperative Exension (CCE) office. If they don’t have a staff person able to help with this, NY FarmNet offers free business plan assistance via … Continue reading

…hands-on training in a particular type of farming operation?

Unfortunately, hands-on training is still difficult to find. If you are able to spend a whole season on a farm as an intern or apprentice, there are many options available (see below). But if you are limited by family or … Continue reading

…classes on managing a farm business?

Many of the organizations listed in our Who Can Help? map offer periodic workshops on various elements of farm business management, from beginner to advanced level. There are also now several online courses offered through the Cornell Small Farms Program. … Continue reading

…information about pesticide permits, use of natural waterways for irrigation, wildlife control?

If you live in NY, the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation can answer your questions about these issues. In other states, look for a similarly named state department. There is an Environmental Regulations fact sheet (#10) in the Guide to … Continue reading

…applying for a loan?

First, read Financing a Farm Operation, Fact Sheet #4 in the Guide to Farming in NY. (this fact sheet has good overall advice, even if you’re not farming in NY). It will give you some idea about what goes into … Continue reading

…information on grants/cost-sharing programs for installing fencing, watershed protection, barn restoration, etc?

As a first stop, check out Grant Opportunities for Farmers, Fact Sheet #31 in the Guide to Farming in NY. Contact information for specific programs is listed there. Your local Soil and Water Conservation District office should be able to … Continue reading

…land to lease or buy?

This issue is a major hurdle for beginning farmers, and a source of frustration for landowners seeking someone to use their land productively. Search the Who Can Help map and you may find a few organizations that are working informally … Continue reading

…regulations related to selling my product?

Your state Department of Agriculture can tell you what you need to know about regulations. But many organizations try to help farmers by simplifying, interpreting, or reorganizing the information to make it easier to access and digest. If you’re farming … Continue reading

…specific questions I have about starting a farm?

It depends on the nature of your question. The most common questions asked by new farmers are answered on this website within the relevant sections of the New Farmer Hub. If that doesn’t help, try searching the Who Can Help … Continue reading

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