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Goals, Skills and Resources Tutorial

Congratulations on beginning your journey to launch a farm business or explore a new agricultural enterprise.

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This tutorial will help you:

  • Document the resources you have to help jumpstart your farm enterprise
  • Begin translating your farming dreams into written goals and values
  • Draft a mission statement to guide your farm

Why are these important? By expressing, and writing down, your values and goals, it makes it easier to communicate to others what your plans are for the farm business. Written goals are also part of the map that guides you through the operation of the business. For example, one use of this map might be to make decisions on what equipment to purchase for the business. Having your goals written is the first step to writing a plan for your entire farm, which will help you determine the feasibility of your ideas and keeps you focused on what you’re trying to create.

Goal Setting

Getting clear about why you want to farm — what you hope to achieve with your farm — is essential, since it will shape all your future decisions.

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