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Plan Your Farm

Ready to Plan your Farm?

This portal guides you through tutorials, videos, and links to people who can help you develop your farm plans.

Work through the following topics in order and you’ll have a solid foundation for the start of your farm business. Complete the online worksheets in each tutorial to apply the concepts to your situation and create a written farm plan.


  1. Worksheets – Access the planning worksheets that are embedded throughout the tutorials below
  2. Getting Started – Begin here with goal-setting and suggestions for planning
  3. Accessing and Evaluating Land – Learn how to find or assess the quality of land for farming
  4. Planning and Funding Your Farm Business – Start writing a farm plan and assess funding options
  5. Learning How to Farm – Gain the skills you need to produce high-quality products
  6. Choosing What to Produce – Consult enterprise budgets, crop ideas, and worksheets
  7. Selling What You Produce – Choose the right markets for your products
  8. Taking Care of the Land – Cultivate ecologically-sound practices
  9. Achieving or Improving Profitability – Learn skills to improve your bottom line
  10. Understanding Taxes and Regulations – Learn about the benefits and responsibilities of farming