January 25


Farm Financials

By Beginning Farmers

January 25, 2021

Success in business is not only about producing a great product, getting eyeballs on that product, and making sales. 

There are critical infrastructure aspects that need to be in place, and a critical part of that is managing your financials.

A system for keeping records is at the foundation of it all. If you don't have that foundation, then it will eventually blind side you somewhere down the road. 

No matter the business you are in, the product that you produce, the services provided, or how great you are at marketing your products, it all comes back to the core concept: Having organized records and knowing your numbers.

If you don't first focus on this, then any revenue generating activities are diminished and potentially prone to complete collapse if you don't understand the systems for collecting, monitoring, saving, spending, or investing your revenue.

We have a step by step, A through Z guide coming to you soon that will outline this essential part of your operation. 

Included in this guide are resources that we use ourselves and recommend others for. 

In this guide we'll be covering the following:

  1. Understanding the basics of a proper financial bookkeeping system.
  2. The process for identifying and applying various systems
  3. How to develop a system for your specific operation type
  4. How to apply "profitability principles" to your operation, using your financials as a guide.

This aspect of your business will empower you in other areas, because you have a degree of predictability to follow and use it as a guide with your revenue producing activities. 

Check back here for updates!

Please note: We are not licensed financial advisors, and therefore this guide is not financial advice. This guide will be information only, with which it's your own decision on how to apply it. 

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