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About the Courses

  • Interactive 5-7 week courses connect you to the information and people you need to build a successful farm business.
  • Led by experienced educators and farmers
  • Take a single course, or start at the beginning and work your way through the courses in order
  • Courses help you establish clear goals, assess personal resources, plan marketing, create budgets, set up recordkeeping, navigate regulations, choose the right equipment, improve soil, get organically certified, write a business plan, and learn how to raise veggies and chickens.

How to Choose

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Course Library

All courses all closed for the season.  We’ll start advertising our Fall courses in late summer!

  • BF 101: Square One: Building a Farm that Matches Your Values, Goals, Skills, and Resources
  • BF 102: Markets and Profits: Exploring the Feasibility of Your Farming Ideas (designed to follow BF 101)
  • BF 103: Taking Care of Business: Understanding the Business, Regulatory, and Tax implications of Your Farm
  • BF 104: Financial Records: Setting up Systems to Track Your Profitability
  • BF105: Machinery and Equipment: Evaluating What’s Right for Your Operation
  • BF106: Organic Certification: What, How and Why (or Why Not)
  • BF 110: Soil Health – Investing in the Vitality of Your Farm
  • BF 120: Veggies Farming: From Planning to Planting
  • BF 121: Veggies Farming II: From Season-long Care to Market
  • BF 122: Berry Production: Getting Started with Growing & Marketing
  • BF 130: Pastured Poultry: Profiting from Layers, Broilers, Turkeys and Ducks
  • BF 201: Making Money: Pricing, Positioning in the Market, and Guerrilla Marketing
  • BF 202: Planning to Stay in Business: Writing Your Business Plan
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