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Online Courses for Farmers Now Open for Registration!

The Cornell Small Farms Program’s popular online courses are now open for registration for the 2013-2014 season. Visit the main online course page to see a list of all courses and links to their full descriptions. Use the seasonal down time to beef up your business and production management skills with courses in book keeping, … Read More

Will there be opportunities to hear from successful farmers?

We usually invite at least two farmers to present about their farm  operations  and start-up experience during the webinars, so  students are  exposed to two different farmer perspectives and can  directly ask them lots  of questions. Where possible, we also incorporate videos of farmers from this website into the  course. Our Soil Health course is … Read More

If I miss a webinar can I watch it at a later date?

Webinars will be recorded and a link will be posted in the appropriate week of the course. Simply click the link and you will be able to watch it. All static course materials and discussion forums from prior weeks will be available at all times throughout the course, so anytime you want to go back … Read More

What type of internet connection do I need? Does the course require any special software?

We have had people complete the course using a dial-up internet connection, but it severely diminishes the course experience, especially ability to participate in webinars. For this reason, we recommend that you use a computer with a DSL or Cable modem connection, or a mobile device with a fast connection. Satellite connection is also feasible, … Read More

How many hours a week do I need to spend to keep up with the course?

From prior student feedback, we know that students spend 3-6 hrs. a   week on the course, with the average being closer to 3. If you are less experienced with online learning, and/or less experienced with farming, expect to spend 6 or more hours per week to participate fully. As with any  learning experience, the  more … Read More

What is the start time for webinars? How long do they last?

Webinars are the only times during the course that we aim for all students  and  instructors to be involved at the same time. These are typically  90  minutes long, and are usually scheduled for weekday evenings at 7pm;  check the  schedule for your course for specific dates and times. We  will make  every attempt to … Read More

Will the class always be on the same day of the week?

The webinars are the only “real-time” part of the course, and they are always offered on the same night within a course (generally 7pm on a given weeknight). The instructor should give you a schedule of webinars at the beginning of the course so you know in advance when they will be. If you miss … Read More

What are the online courses like? What can I expect?

Typically, our online courses require a high degree of self-motivation and ability to work on your own. Within each week of the course, work is conducted on your own schedule: reading materials, doing homework assignments, and posting comments in discussion forums. Courses also usually incorporate about one webinar a week, at a time and day … Read More

Can I take more than one online course at a time?

It is possible to take more than one course at a time. If they have webinars on the same night, you can alternate which one you attend live, and watch the webinar recording for the other course. Otherwise, coursework is conducted on your own time, so you would just have to be extra conscious to … Read More

I live (and plan to farm) outside NYS. Are your courses appropriate for me?

Most of our courses are appropriate for a wide geographic range of participants. Please read the Target Audience section in the Course Description for each course you’re interested in. If the course is relevant only to participants in a particular state or region, it will be listed there.

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