Greetings fellow Beginning Farmer service providers!

Please mark your calendars for the next meeting of the Northeast Beginning Farmer Learning Network meeting to be held September 29-30, 2011.  Join us for another great day of learning, sharing and networking!

This year, the agenda will be based on the highest priority topics that emerged from our last survey of the network including: economic development and measuring the impact of beginning farmers, financing issues and programs, beginning farmer competencies, and policy issues. These topics will continue conversations begun during our summer webinar series.

We’ll be conferencing at The Century House Hotel in beautiful Latham, NY (in the Albany, NY area). Conference activities include networking, seminars, discussions, poster sessions, a great keynote speaker, and of course enjoying a wonderful menu of local foods!

Registration Information (to be determined)

Agenda (to be determined)


Are you a Beginning Farmer service providing organization who is not on our list yet? Join us! Please email us or comment below so you can participate in the conversation about how we can better serve and support Beginning Farmers in the Northeast!

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