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NOFA NY Field Day on No-Till Agriculture – June 18th, Aurora NY

Want to reduce your spring tillage?  This NOFA-NY field day (titled Ready to Roll? New Field Research on Organic No-Till Soybean with Rolled-Crimped Cover Crops) will demonstrate equipment for successfully rolling down cover crops and planting soybeans into the resulting mulch; plus field plots will show results of several different rolling dates and cover crop species.  This is a viable way to save money and time, while improving your soil! Join Matt Ryan, Brian Caldwell, Jeff Liebert, Christopher Pelzer and other Cornell Researchers at this twilight meeting held at a Cornell University research farm.

When: June 18th, 6pm – 8pm.

Where: Musgrave Research Farm, 1256 Poplar Ridge Rd., Aurora, NY 13026


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