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Training for NE Beginning Farmer Service Providers, Oct 27-29

This year’s conference, Re-strategizing with advanced BF’s: Supporting scale-up and farm investment decision making, will be at the CenturyHouse in Albany, NY from October 27-29th, 2014. This train-the-trainer conference will help you deepen your skills in supporting advanced beginning farmers and connect you with a BF service provider network that reaches across the Northeast. We will offer intensive workshops on Credit Readiness, Farm Financial Analysis, Labor and Equipment Decision-Making, Marketing through Wholesale Channels, and Whole Farm Planning. Attendees will also participate in Reaching Out to Underserved BF Audiences, a cultural competency training that will discuss strategies for extending the reach of BF services and programs. A summary of workshop topics and speakers can be viewed here. For more information and to register, visit


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