Certification Trainings for Beef Quality Assurance

There will be 9 BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) certification trainings available through out New York in October (1 in September). Our goal is to certify or re-certify 100 producers. There will be a drawing for a $250 gift certificate to use at your veterinary clinic and 2  bags of minerals.  Thanks to Boehringer Ingelheim and Kent Feeds for their support. In addition Merial will provide a certificate for animal health products for everyone that attends.

If you are not certified or need to be re-certified, please plan to attend and bring a neighbor with you. A complete listing and additional information can be found at  Meeting_List_BQA_Month.

Note that per-registration is required

As a producer of beef BQA certification, you provide an assurance to consumers that you are using good management practices to to strengthen consumer confidence in Beef.  

——-NY Beef Quality Assurance Advisory Committee


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