Grow Your Farming Skills with an Online Course this Fall or Winter!

Registration is now open for all twelve of our online courses for beginning or experienced farmers. Newbies can get some early guidance, hear success stories, and get connected with resources, while more experienced farmers will find courses to help write or revamp a business plan, add new enterprises, and improve profitability.

Online course season kicks off with BF 202, our business planning course, beginning Sept 25. Courses are 5- to 7-weeks long and cost $200. All courses include real-time and on-your-own-time components, with the real-time event being a weekly webinar. We use this time to feature farmers and other experts speaking on a topic relevant to the course. We use a course management system called Moodle as the “classroom” for each course, posting readings, homework, and discussion forums there. Students report spending 3-8 hrs/week to actively participate in the courses, depending on which course you’re taking and how much you want to get out of it.
To learn more, visit our Course Logistics and FAQ page, or begin at the Online Course landing page and browse through individual courses. We hope you’ll join us to build your farming skills this Fall and Winter!


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