Getting Started

Why Farm Now?

Because your country needs you! We hope you will use this book as a first step on your path. The best way to use this book is to make notes, jot down questions you need to answer, and scan the resource section for books and online sites where you can find additional information. You will also find a list of farmers and mentors who can help. The journey to a successful agricultural career starts with a lot of investigation, research, and most of all, getting your hands dirty. Let’s get started!

Who is This For?

The resources, practices and strategies outlined in this Field Journal is for anyone involved with the food system – which is anyone who eats food! It’s focus is to encourage youth of many ages to consider farming as a career, in particular youth in middle and high school. This can happen inside a school classroom, at a 4H club meeting, or after school in your own kitchen inspiration knows no bounds.

How To Use

This isn’t just any ordinary journal, this is The Field Journal for Beginning Farmers, your ticket to becoming involved in the JOB of farming, working the
land and serving food to your country. We hope that the stories and ideas in the Field Journal will inspire you to take on the call to serve your country food and consider farming as a patriotic career path. Spread the word, get inspired and take action: Inspiration – Use this as inspiration to get students, your family or people in your life excited about farming, even if you can’t make a full time commitment!

Resource – Use this as the starting point for putting together your own resources on how to intern and start your own farm or garden. The
final chapter is a summary of resources culled from farmers, educators and experts in the agriculture movement, so make sure to check it out! Share
more through the National Young Farmer’s Coalition network and NE Beginning Farmers Project!

Action – Take action and experiment with growing food, start a pop-up restaurant, a roof-top garden, a homesteading operation or work for a farm in your community.


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