New! Guide to On-Farm Poultry Slaughter

Do you process less than 1000 poultry/year on your farm? Have you had difficulty getting liability insurance because your birds aren’t processed in an inspected facility? Check out the latest guide published by the Cornell Small Farms Program. Designed to complement a hands-on training in how to properly kill and prepare a poultry carcass for … Read More

Agencies to Contact for Additional Information

Food Safety New York State Ag & Markets – Food Safety & Inspection USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). The FSIS, a public health regulatory agency, protects consumers by ensuring that meat and poultry products are safe, wholesome, and accurately labeled.


Federal FDA: Poultry Products Inspection Act “Guidance for Determining Whether a Poultry Slaughter or Processing Operation is Exempt from Inspection Requirements of the Poultry Products Inspection Act” .pdf New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets (NYSDAM) – Resource Guide to Direct Marketing Livestock and Poultry. Goodsell & Stanton Revised 2011. Available … Read More

Glossary of Terms

Adulterated Generally, impure, unsafe, or unwholesome; however, the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, the Federal Meat Inspection Act, the Poultry Products Inspection Act, and the Egg Products Inspection Act contain separate language defining in very specific (and lengthy) terms how the term “adulterated” will be applied to the foods each of these laws regulates. … Read More

Appendix C: Poultry Best Management Practices Questionnaire

(NOTE: This questionnaire may be used by insurance companies to assess a producer’s knowledge of best practices for poultry processing when applying for liability and other farm insurance coverage) Name________________________ Farm Name________________________________ Training: Please describe any formal or informal training in poultry processing you’ve received. Include the duration and date(s) of training, as well as the … Read More

Sign up today! Beginning Farmer Lunchtime Learning Webinars

The Northeast Beginning Farmer Project is pleased to announce the remaining two webinars in the Summer Lunchtime Learning Series: Alternative Farm Financing and Serving Diverse Beginning Farmer Audiences. The 1 hour webinars are for beginning farmers and service providers. The webinars are free to attend, but please register here. **Please note the date change for … Read More

Appendix B: Sample Slaughter Record Log

Date Area Inspected/ Corrective Actions Needed (If Any) Initial/Date Notes: Corrective Actions Taken Initial/Date               Back to Table of Contents

Appendix A: Sample Flock Record Log

Number of birds purchased/source Bird health issues or losses Bird processed/date Product Sold/Date             Back to Table of Contents

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan

Introduction Food safety is a critical concern for your business and your customers. The failure to control a food safety hazard in your operation can make people sick and result in undesirable legal and economic consequences for you and your industry. A Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan for your farm is a valuable … Read More

Standard Operating Procedures

Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures Introduction Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Sanitation Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures (SSOP’s) are designed to prevent the creation of unsanitary processing conditions and ensure that food products are wholesome and unadulterated. They describe how to carry out and document safe food handling and personal hygiene practices (Good Management Practices). 1. SOP for Site Management & … Read More

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