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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

This worksheet is adapted from the publication "Starting an Ag Business? A Pre-Planning Guide" by Steve Richards, 2004. Ask yourself the following questions about each potential enterprise.

The price range may result from the difference between wholesale and retail prices, or premiums you receive for having a product available early in the season (like tomatoes), or if you sell meat by the cut but also offer whole or half-animals at a discount to your customers.


5 thoughts on “Marketing Plan

  1. Rouf Bul Bul says:

    i want to study this sheet

  2. Sherry Doudlah says:

    I have been a Retail Manager for BIG Box Retail Stores. I have met the man of my dreams, which is a Organic Grain Farmer. I love living his dream on the farm, but I would like to have my own business. So therefore, I am thinking livestock. Storefront, Whitemeat CSA, Farm Days educating the public. Organic Port, Free Range/Organic Eggs, Free Range/Organic Chicken Meat and Turkey. I could use any assistance.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this matter,
    Sherry Doudlah

  3. Martha Otalora says:

    This is just a project for my globalization class and I suppose to sell this product in Nigeria. I have no idea how to start to sell this product or any other in Nigeria.

    Thank for your help

  4. Sarah Diana Nechamen says:

    Hi Martha,
    Unfortunately our programs and resources are primarily directed toward farmers in New York State. Feel free to browse our online resources for small and beginning farmers but for help with international agriculture, try
    • Peter Hobbs, Associate Director of International programs at Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 607/255-1904 or
    • Agriculture Aid International:
    • Ecoagriculture Partners:

  5. Tina says:


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