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Identify Your Values

Identify Your Values

Your responses to the questions here are a key part of the foundation for your farm. Completing this worksheet will help you, in the near term, to write a clear mission statement and set goals in line with your values. In the long-term, being clear about your values will help you stay on track, even through times of crisis, and not unconsciously veer away from from you care about most.

i.e. Will your land be mostly forested, open, or a mix? How would you describe the soil on your land? Productivity? Wildlife habitats? Water? Plant diversity?
Do you want to be seen as leaders of the local food movement? Honest producers of high-quality food? A family fun destination? Your response here will feed into how you brand and market your farm, what marketing channels you choose, and and how you conduct yourself with customers.


17 thoughts on “Identify Your Values

  1. Rose, A C says:

    Good worksheet makes you think about why you would want to get into farming.

  2. James Minner says:

    Hopefully the start of something big. Good Worksheet!

  3. Pennie says:

    Love the questions. Made us think of things we didn’t know about.

  4. David says:

    wonderful questions… typo in last question – how do *you* want people to think of your farm?

  5. Sarah Diana Nechamen says:

    Thanks David, the typo’s been corrected!


  6. Jennifer Evershed says:

    Great way to get your ideas down on “paper”.

  7. Alexa Abner says:

    Being able to answer these questions confidently was a nice reassurance that this dream can become reality.

  8. Donna says:

    A wonderful exercise that made me put my thoughts on paper finally. It makes my dream seem possible.

  9. Angela says:

    Your reply to my questionnaire responses is appreciated.

  10. Sarah Diana Nechamen says:

    Hi Angela,
    When you submit the worksheet, we email you a copy of your responses so that you can have a copy to refer back to throughout your farm planning process. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to comment on questionnaire responses.

  11. Elizabeth Hargrove says:

    Thanks for making us think!

  12. Peter says:

    A good source to help focus the many concepts of what “your farm” may look like and how starting the conversation is the most difficult part.
    Thank you

  13. Deborah Freeman says:

    Thank you for the inspiration to make a statement of what I really want and can do.

  14. Albert Leavell says:

    good thinking project

  15. Jason says:

    This was a wonderful exercise. I feel I have more direction and purpose now than I have since I began considering starting a farm. Thank you.

  16. Matthew Groff says:

    Great Worksheet! My problem is putting everything down on paper/in writing. I know what I want, how I want it, etc. It is just how to get it from my brain and explain it all in words!

    I was never very good in writing essays! LOL Heck even if i say it out-loud and then try to write it as I am saying, I still get all fouled up! I start to write it down and then get frustrated because it is not they way I want to say it. But I keep trying.

    At least worksheets like this help!

  17. Kate Simons says:

    The worksheet confirmed what I already knew even though I hadn’t written it down, that I want to be a farmer. Enjoyed this worksheet.

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