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Create Your Mission Statement

Create Your Mission Statement

Getting clear on the purpose and underlying values of your farm operation is one of the first steps in your farm start-up plan. Answer the questions below as best you can, and a copy of the form will be emailed to you. You can then copy and paste your responses into the Farm Start-up Template available on this site, or save and print them for future reference.

Note: this doesn't mean identifying specific crops, as those will likely change over time based on sales, customer feedback, seasonal fluctuations, etc.


4 thoughts on “Create Your Mission Statement

  1. Alexa Abner says:

    Just wrote my mission statement while listening to Wendell Berry speak at the 2014 Slow Money National Conference. I think it’s a keeper.

  2. Elizabeth Hargrove says:


  3. Elizabeth Hargrove says:

    good exercise

  4. Deborah Freeman says:

    Hoping for the best as we grow better in all we do.

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