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What organizations can help me find land?

FarmLink Programs
Most Northeast states offer land-linking services. Most of these programs try to link retiring or exiting farmers with individuals interested in getting started in farming. They also offer counseling to guide the process, whether the farm is going to be sold from one party to another, leased, operated as a partnership, or organized as a management opportunity for the new farmer to gain experience and equity.

  • NY FarmLink
  • Pennsylvania FarmLink
  • LandLink Vermont
  • Maine FarmLink
  • New England LandLink
  • New Jersey FarmLink
  • Connecticut FarmLink
  • Land for Good

Other Local Organizations
Several non-profits listed on our Who Can Help map provide informal land-linking services. Contact organizations near you to find out if they can help you.

Cooperative Extension
Agricultural Educators in county extension offices may also be able to direct you to local opportunities for land access. Locate your county’s office and contact them to describe your land needs. If you’re in NY, find the Small/Beginning Farmer contact in your local Extension office here.


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