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Where can I find ideas for different enterprises?

  • The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center maintains the Alternative Crops and Plants Web site and publishes Great Places to Find Information about Farming Alternatives, both of which offer a selection of information-rich Web sites and organizations.
  • Agricultural Sustainability Notes Series: Questions to Ask About Alternative Crops (Washington State Univ.) lists questions on economic and production issues to explore before selecting a specific crop alternative.
  • Evaluating a Rural Enterprise (ATTRA) provides more detailed discussion about assessing farming alternatives.
  • A PRIMER for Selecting New Enterprises for Your Farm (University of Kentucky), a tool for evaluating new enterprises for a farm or family business, is based on worksheets used to evaluate the \\”Profitability, Resource requirements, Information needs, Marketing decisions, Enthusiasm for, and the Risk associated with a new enterprise.”
  • The Small Farm Today “The Original How-to Magazine of Alternative and Traditional Crops, Livestock, and Direct Marketing”


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