Plan Your Farm

This site offers tutorials, videos, and links to people who can help you develop your farm plans.

Work through the following topics in order and you’ll have a solid foundation for the start of your farm business. Complete the online worksheets in each tutorial to apply the concepts to your situation and create a written farm plan.


  1. Worksheets – Access the planning worksheets that are embedded throughout the tutorials below
  2. Getting Started – Begin here with goal-setting and suggestions for planning
  3. Accessing and Evaluating Land – Learn how to find or assess the quality of land for farming
  4. Planning and Funding Your Farm Business – Start writing a farm plan and assess funding options
  5. Learning How to Farm – Gain the skills you need to produce high-quality products
  6. Choosing What to Produce – Consult enterprise budgets, crop ideas, and worksheets
  7. Selling What You Produce – Choose the right markets for your products
  8. Taking Care of the Land – Cultivate ecologically-sound practices
  9. Achieving or Improving Profitability – Learn skills to improve your bottom line
  10. Understanding Taxes and Regulations – Learn about the benefits and responsibilities of farming


In this section: